Working B&W Portfolio

My working portfolio. These will change or be updated periodically as I produce new work or successfully scan in older work. All images were taken using either 35mm or 120 mm film and were developed and printed in the darkroom. Variations in coloring are due to differences in paper brand or style, and/or the scanner. Click on any image to enlarge.

Andrew (Experimental)

Loom: Santa Fe, NM

Icy Staircase: Detroit

La Virgen: Chimayó, New Mexico

Mirrored Cross: Chimayó, New Mexico

America: Detroit

Self-Portrait: Detroit

Diana: Detroit

Stray Dog: Holbrook, Arizona

Chimayó Girl: Chimayó, New Mexico

Temple Woman: Troy, Michigan

Masonic Temple: Detroit

On a Wire: Detroit

Necklace Help: Detroit

Dressing Room: Detroit

Luz en un Banco: Santa Fe, NM

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